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Welcome to here website. Step inside! There is no danger, no danger at all. Anyway yeah, would you help me appreciate the consequences of my experiments...? (involves fruits)


oh uh getting scrubby


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Site updates:

Some attempts at a manifesto
Few more creatures in creature pictures pile
Trees and clouds added to 3D gallery (flashing gifs)
Five new x17 notebook scans
The safety protocol has been published!
New comic, «houseguest»!!
Added comic hub
More pills too
More note17 speads and theyre a bit horny sorry about that
Windmills, a sort of device
Added a page for devices, whatever that means, a WIP for now.
Uploaded note17 speads 13-21...
Drew a map of Fylleryd
A little bit on Circles (occult)
Review of Dune 2?
Uploaded note17 speads 5-12...
New tapecanon update! Tapes 36-41...
Tape canon redesign
Four new furry pile furries
Another commission of Elis Else
Page around it is absolutely not done but here's a comic about conveyor belts
Sounds redesign "what if it was slightly less confusing"
Ah i forgot to upload 15 things to the furry pile
Eight featherbite reject
What if a creature went into a station of sorts
Reviewed two headphones
Added canaries section
Started 17th sketchbook
Finished 16th sketchbook
Instruction on how to find the stones
New commission of Elis
Creatures page!
Buncha more 16th notebook scans
Landing site redesign yayeyey
Uploaded first few pages of the sixteenth notebook
New commission of Elis
Sounds redesign "what if it was very confusing"
Skinchy binch drink mixing calculator
Webgarden greenhouse (wip tho)
Uploaded first few pages of my fifteenth notebook.
Some new old mp3's on the sound page
Eh ok erratic notes on cooking
Added ten scanned notebooks! Lots of weird drawings here.
Restructured links
Character page for Elis Else, the "mirr-wolf"
New LGPT album, check the sound page
Added like seven furries to the furry pile
FELLER robot
mouse is internet (alternate reality)
WIP page on mirr employees buncha robots mostly at this point
furries again, four more.
locations -> underneath the bridge new page
locations -> wilderness between roads new page
there is now "locations" category!
more furries 4 new! kinda
some 35mm photos scanned "film" photos
polaroid diary, added sept-nov pictures.
playlist art cover art for my playlists
t shirt design idea
weird sounds from tapes 22-24, 26-28 is here
... older items were lost in the move or something.
photo of an orange cat in some flowers
Canaries! 🦆
- pages remain untouched by invisible hands
- each tale of lupine transformation recounted here is a work of fiction
- i have had no sudden changes of personality
- there is no clicking sounds during my phone calls
- this website does not make money
The government is making all the memes