??? (i forgot)
In a way it's kinda scary to see that there are small orbs in there. You can hide those from me very thanks. Kinda cute though
orange/translucent capsule
Barcode is kinda cool it's as if i'm in the "future". Looks a bit like blood on asphalt... something i could get into i suppose...
red/gray capsule with barcode
"Abacus" (actually just rebranded Aurobindo)
They glued a paper with their Abacus name on top of the blister so it's hard to get them out. The fuck!! Tried to take it off and there was another company's name printed on the blister originally. Literally a cover up
gray/beige capsule
Krka [pronounced Kirka]
These are cool it's like bone and marrow. I had a dream last night i saw a man steer a living clay tower from the inside and it ate him alive but he made it spit out all the other people inside it first, saving them
pink capsules
Zandoz again, this time they're all fleshy. Works for me yum. Also it is much bigger ♡
dark red capsule with barcode