DUNE2 Reviewed

Hi and welcome to dune review. We went and saw the second movie and thought it was worth a watch and a talk. There is a rich symbolism at play and it doesn't dissapoint as it --- uh, excuse me ---

approaching tiger

--- i mean, (sorry,) take for example the blue tile rooms where the blood drinking people live. What does it imply? It's ocean colors, clear unburdened sky colors. Contrast this with the sand --- sorry. Can i help you?

tiger snared a horse

that's the, uh. Like, the harkonnens are,, or with the like, lasers. Or that the worm... Does he, does he even like water? Can the worm go in the water

tiger sitting on top of felled horse.

Or is he, eh,,, . Uhh.

Dune. More like dude. We're