in which i try to eat things and see if i get sick

i eat kebab every day for i think a week ---> OK
i eat joylent back when it was called joylent ---> OK
i eat pan pizza ---> REGRET
i eat too old minced meat ---> REGRET
i eat good minced meat every third day for tree years ---> OK
i eat fishermans friend (sugar free) ---> ADDICTION
i eat blue cheese two times ---> REGRET
i eat palliation dust more often than i should ---> OK
i eat a relaxing tea in the evening ---> OK
i eat some rat creature ---> OK
i eat cow milk in accelerating quantities ---> ADDICTION
i eat avocado, the green egg fruit ---> OK
i eat snakes from the cave ---> REGRET
i eat fried chicken at various venues ---> REGRET
i eat rice with sauce ---> OK