comics masterlist.


2024: «house guest», part of the «in the heart of night» collab
2023: MIRR conveyor belt thing
2018: «drug dealie» about going to the liquor store
2015: pants comic about internet drugs

Check out these by my friends:

konni's «the one that got away»
sasha's «we wasted our weekend»
random sphinx for no reason

Other cool ones online:

«kill six billion demons» kill six billion demons
«gunnerkrigg court» mysterious boarding school (has talking dogs)
«devil's candy» mysterious school (has talking dogs)
«cat's way» mysterious... everything? (has talking cats)
«dark science» buncha cute girls basically
«runaway to the stars» space comic
«star impact» boxing comic
«crittertongue» bar comic
«housepets» furry shit
«freefall» furry shit in space (http only?)