i don't know much about cooking. this place heavily (heavenly) under construction by the dubbs.
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I am watching [A week of husband lunch boxes] #34 / Katsudon. Interesting here is "miso pork steak", potato croquettes, the kind of omelette she makes in the beginning ("tamagoyaki"?).

Some of these husbentos have rice and pasta, some have potato on top of that.

Salad with pickled radish, nappa cabbage (salladskål). As dressing there's tsuyu sauce and sesame oil.

  • dashi powder miso soup is miso paste + dashi powder + extra ingredients. dashi accentuates the miso taste. it's in tsuyu as well (another savoury sauce: "it's sweeter soy sauce and has more depth of umami"). Wasn't dashi powder from okinawa? From the original people there.
  • shishito pepper
  • tamagoyaki

[A week of husband lunch boxes] #37 back to real life

More croquettes! Rice, mix with curry [stew], egg and bread (panko). Cheese slice inside.

Soaking vegetables/roots in water for a few minutes before cooking them ("förvälla"). Can you use a marinade here, something tastier? Is this basically pickling?

Mirin (rice vinegar?) as sauce for fried carrots

  • "fiddleheads"? some kind of edible fern? looks delish. boil with a little flour? could be to help remove the toxins
  • tartar sauce. egg+mayo etc
Looking for kofta videos by someone who isn't annoying. Lebanese rice. Kafta in pita bread. Authentic Lebanese BEEF KAFTA. Tumblr post of a tiktok video which links to this recipe which is different from what they do in the video.

Rince the rice five times. Then soak for 10 minutes! Fry vermicelli (pasta) in canola (raps) oil and a bit of salt. Cover with water enough to just cover the rice.

Kafta seems to be ground beef/lamb with 7spice, choppy onions, and (flat leaf) parsley. Maybe with more cumin, maybe with cayenne as well. If frying in pita bread, you can have butter and tomato paste first if you want.

  • lebanese "7 spice", a spice mix..? apparently i should be able to buy this as an item
(Hello fresh subscription service in general)

Many of the recipies are similar, but with a few key elements switched out. Many are just things that should be intuitive (fry these ingredients, mix these, boil the rice, serve them together) but it's nice to follow steps.

A lot of spice mixes and sauces aren't explained at all. In general, no explanation, just instruction. Add X. I would've liked Add X, which is made up of spices A, B, and C. A contrasts nicely with the nutty taste of the rice, and helps bring forth bla bla bla

There is generally a lack of attention. Are these recipes even tested? How do you mean these ingredients are meant to fit in a "small pan"? Why is the cabbage pre-chopped in one dish, but not in the other? Sometimes i almost suspect the recipes are generated.

  • "Fritters"! Can we do them with less oil, and some saltier meat?
  • Teryaki or satay marinade, fried cabbage and carrot
  • Batter... put flour on things before you fry them. Put sugar in the batter...!
  • Raisins in minced meat
  • Sesame seeds on potatoes if they go in the oven.

maybe not much to it. sushi rice. water on your hands, then salt. make triangle like a snowball. to put filling, make a patty of it first.

can't put these in the fridge! eat within 4-6 hours <-sounds fake

how the hell do you fold the patty into tringle without breaking it? also how do you judge their size?

  • (dry) "furikake" that kind of spice mix for rice
  • to cook fluffier rice let it soak in the water for 30min-1hr before cooking
  • "When you shape it, the rice should be hot or warm. The rice becomes less sticky when it's cold." -yuka000m
  • induction: 75% power until the water level touches the rice
  • hmm maybe you could compare to korean rice balls? what's the difference?
  • "yaki onigiri" grilled rice ball - fried
onigirazu aka rice sandwich looks to be similar to onigiri but with fancier content between two rice patties; held together with seaweed rather than rice. should be easier to make (?)
fried rice
  • Dry the rice in the fridge. Do it on a tray. Dont't cover the tray with plastic! This means - no tupperware.
  • Both light and dark soy sauce. Not japanese soys. Also, sesame oil, shaoshing wine.
    • Sesame oil is a "finishing oil" - blend it in after the dish is done
    • Shaoshing wine to deglaze. Acidic and a little sweet.
  • Chicken
    • Rinse the slices in water for 30 sec and squeeze them after
    • Mix with like, a teaspoon or three, of baking soda. Knead a minute
  • Eggs: scramble them and fry them separately! Don't add them to the main rice mix until very late.

what's a "side dish" anyway...? i'm just eating something else at the same time?

sausages are good every now and then. thin ones with fried onion. check if there's a specialty sausage shop around?

oil is lubricating but also increasing (redistributing) heat! it cuts both ways! anticipate this.

this sucks but i want to read other things about food <-- a link, hmm...