music and sound

here at (hypothetical second) moon portal we are enticed by sound and so we do our best to listen, but also to make noise!

how its made

  1. on hardware and software
  2. there is an interest in the eurorack
  3. tape is cool but the knowledge is too vapourous
  4. 10 000 things simultaneously







in the works

i am working on a long play for cassette, 45 minutes per side, with experiments and field recordings and hymns and synths, overlayed and separated, a kind of dj set but it's not dance music. some songs from it~

there's another synthpoppy thing coming soon-ish, that is, as soon as i care about it again

a low fidelity triphop thing-- meant to be summery-rainy yyyyy but this summer turned into a hot mess and i'm not capable of moving my body