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in the works

i am working on a long play for cassette, 45 minutes per side, with experiments and field recordings and hymns and synths, overlayed and separated, a kind of dj set but it's not dance music. some songs from it~

synth album "moss"

here is the old album it's a journal of sorts i was moving away from the forest
chiptune albums

bikini dream
festive fakebit

swamps of eden
magnum opus

inget försvinner
eden b-sides
how its made
  1. on hardware and software
  2. there is an interest in the eurorack
  3. tape is cool but the knowledge is too vapourous
  4. 10 000 songs simultaneously

freshest experiment on sound cloud
infinite b-side tracks over here
tape sounds for your pleasure
for LGPT: some colour schemes!

there is more!