in semi-reverse chronological order

An audio found footage documentary slash poem about being alive in the years 2016-2023 through exploring, trespassing, getting high, and getting lost. With a tape recorder in hand!
WHATS TAPE CANON? oh, the tape canon was inside us all along...
HAND MADE? you can open the third eye of most tape recorders by removing their erase head.
WHAT ARE THESE FOR? divination, scoring, feed them to a sampler, etc...
TOOLS USED? TCM-150, TCM-20, M-1110C, TCS-430, similar creatures, to a lesser extent X-15, LYRA-8, and with a hint of other mystery hardware and software!

Tapes 36-41

Tapes 29-35

Tapes 22-28

tape 25 is missing :) and has not been digitized

Tapes 13-21

Tapes 6-12

Tapes 1-5

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