Right, we were talking about creatures...
Ok so,

sometimes there's a thing, and it's not entirely obvious whether to trust it or not, but its there and it keeps being there. The noise it makes is like the wind through dead trees. Maybe you bap it with your paw.

Maybe you're moving frantically though the bush, and thorns that could easily be avoided now cut and scratch because you don't bother with grace, you don't bother with the language of the landscape. In front of you is the station

which has been built and abandoned before your time, but which's operating AI is still very much alive, and has developed an unhealthy dependence on your visits.

Maybe the air around it feels funny, maybe it's full of bioscreening aerosol that gets stuck in your fur and also you breathe it in and it gets in your blood a bit and it's not your favourite thing. But if you let it, the doors will open and you can go inside.

Eh uh oh shit the hologram

(becomes diagonal)

Tongue of creature can be surprising in many ways but for the most part it's just annoying! Don't lick my pants for godssakes!!

Need to register dark shapes. we can pareidolia into hyperdrive. By simulating brain damage

The enemy has liquorice demons in the ditches and they slime up toward our leggies,

Not! like the agile dark water in the lake; this here in the ditch is what becomes of succumbed ponds, water still, but just as a substrate. The thing is now mostly organic matter, organic matter breaking down itself, an orgy of melting and mixing. Fuel and pilot the same

Certain rythmic sounds too (back at pareidolia now). Approaching steps? Or just my heartbeat ruffling my chest fluff...

(I don't know who this ^ floaty fella is but they look powerful and i'm scared to tell them off)