Playlist art

Art to be used as cover art for playlists. They were each made with a playlist in mind but feel free to use them for whatever playlist. CC-BY for now

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playlist art (temporary page "under construction" as they say)
for vinter 19
for syntpop. it's a playlist with synth pop.
for cykel15, playlist with beach house, for biking in 2015/2016
for cykel20, screamy guitar music for biking in 2020
for tjill - playlist for slow feelgood songs (lazy sunglasses edition)
for vinter 20 (2020 winter jams)
for sommar 20 (2020 summer jams)
for night guitar - a playlist for "night guitar"
for vår 20, a playlist for whatever i happened to listen to in the 2020 spring
for höst 20, which is what i listened to during autumn 2020