The circles

A simple reflection of what is known. A small number of rules, a large number of objects. It is the way of the world, no?

Self-intersecting geometry (should this be possible) We can inscribe -- Let, ok. There seems to be a repeating form, a form constant.

Shows up all over the island, in the stone, in the art... in the movement of birds, you know? I see it in my work too, in the data. Weirds me out.

(The sun setting, not really setting, and the stars are on fire.)

There. Do you see it? A halo of flesh and magic. They recur again and again and again. It's in their nature!

There really isn't a way to explain it.

You know i had this wonderful dream...
We were like, trying to go down to the river? Or the lake, some such. And trying to balance on the stones not to get wet but i fell a couple of times. And there were these buildings, bunkers, halfway buried
Halfway buried under the water, and we went inside and it was all abandoned.
Yes and we searched for treasure but it was mostly a train platform? Under the, ahhh,,
Be quiet.