Hi and welcome 2 my page on this beautiful woodland. First of all, know that you can always click here 2 back 2 "locations index" where you will find more maps or other peculiarities. If there's some other related page for you to visit, now would be a good time for me to mention it, but right now i can't think of any. Maybe i'll edit this later.

So, what to say about Fylleryd... It's a wonderful place, that much is certain... Full of leaves and birds and soothing breeze and stones to drink a little something on... Full of sweet spots to hide away and fall asleep... Allright, it's to the north east of town, it's just under four square kilometers large, and it's full of nice little paths and places. This is one of those rare forests where every fucking nook is a place.

Ok, enough about that, you say, what are some threats to the place? Well, let me tell you about that. Would you be surprised if i say that they are building a motorway... hehe, gotcha! It's not that grim, but they are doing a lot of roadwork at the edge of this, ruining a lot of it, killing rare mosses ("they" in this instance is the municipality. They want to get rid of a bi-daily gridlock, which i can sympathize with, but come on). There was some press about this and protests and such, and a little final dead-march once they started cutting trees.


There's maps all over the place but they divide the paths in a way i don't agree with, have lots of useless information (for joggers, ew), and are good for figuring out where to go right now but less good for building a persistent sense of bearing so you don't have to go look at them all the time. Thus, i've spent a summer making an alternative map from scrath, aiming to be less correct but more true.

The main elements are two parallel paths going north to south, Route 1 and Route 2. These are long and a little winding, but never too far apart, and passages between them are many. They both start and terminate in the same locations - a mythical restaurant in the north, and a jogger's clubhouse in the south. The forest around these is deep, rich, and heavy.

As a dark shadow pair to these, lie Route 3 and Route ☸. These shoot off eastward from Route 2 and go on for quite a while (long! and winding!), but are similarly parallellry flowing. These routes are a little more airy, a little lighter on the mind, but in practice a bit more dangerous (a "higher leveled area", so to speak, especially to the south east). Route ☸ especially has somewhat of a biome of it's own after a while, with large clearings and cutovers.

Both of these pass under the powerlines cutting the landscape in twain, creating a moatlike phenomenon with forest walls on each side. It's beautiful, like coming up for air, and maybe my favourite place in Fylleryd. Fun fact: they are squiggly on my map, but in reality they leap perfectly straight.

Finally, i should mention the Yellow Road, an asphalt road on which travel cars and those guys. It bounds the forest to the south. I would not advice travelling on it, but it can be done.

map of fylleryd
Isn't that all veary nice.
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