Pepsi furnace

From june 2023 and forward; i poured orange/red molotow on this one. Much worse results than the last book in terms of what damage it did to the paper, but the patterns were nice.
That's all for this time. Finished this basically at the end of 2023, ish. We can think of it that way and i don't have to recall exactly.

There was a lot of trouble with this one due to the paint i poured over it; it was too good for the poor little paper and it got all shredded and weak and such, oftentimes impossible to draw on, everything bled through. Had to do a lot of patching by gluing in external stuff. (Not that i wouldn't have done that eitherway, but... )

For the next one i wanna .... hmmmm .... do more watercolor, and more markers. Maybe?