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use dsml signal with eml carrier!
volume (ml)
strength (% abv)

How to use calculator...

This is calculator for if you want to mix some spirit (vodka maybe) with some mixer (carbonated water maybe) and get a desired amount of alcohol in the result.

The default scenario is you have 1500ml mixer ("carrier") and you want to make it 5% ABV. To help you achieve this you have some spirit ("signal") with 40% ABV. The result of the calculation is to "use 188ml signal with 1312ml carrier". This means, to create the mix, pour out 188ml of your mixer, and then pour back 188ml of your spirit.

Ta da! Now you have 1500ml again, but this time it'll be 5% strong. Yipi!


«Haha fett att du skriver kod som faktiskt har användning i verkligheten» -konni