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for to view my ideas on what would be a great t-shirt or a "tröja".

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ok here they are

http 429 HTTP 429 "too many requests" because i'm fed up with shit
ange sökterm it's an "atomkraft nej tak" shirt ("nuclear power, no thanks") but instead it says ange sökterm, basically "enter search query". i don't know why i find this funny.
wolf creature hugging you a creature hugging you. i like if it's a silhouette, since maybe if i render every hair of fur separately it gets too weird, but i also like if it's obvious it's a canine. after two or three iterations, i figure it's best if the arms are at different height, otherwise it's like he's holding my baby or groping me
widely touted as the rarest of beasts for unique individuals
a new round of investors! and then a picture of a guilloutine i like to wear this in the workplace especially when meeting with potential clients
violence mention (front) swears tw (back) cuz i'm a rude boy