mirr personnel


who's mirr benevolent organization who wants to create satellites and also save the world! there is some writing on the dreamwiki
who's not mirr most people have nothing to do with this. (turns out this is not currently true)

noteworthy ppl with their own page

who's mirr
The'se people are employed by, or otherwise related to, mirr:
Elis Else [featherbite]Featherbite


yay ok let's talk about mirr personnel! first of all there's the droids

they are machines
some prototypes for the «feeder droid»
feeder droid as in "feeding fluid into something". these are deployed as security detail to herd intruders into mirr structures.
feeder droid in action
there's some other models also:
little guy what gives you water bottles
little guy who loves to inject you with chemicals.
no idea who this is?
that's really all there is to say about the droids.


an organization like mirr really isn't much of anything without it's on-the-ground people. if mirr was an animal, employees like you would be the meat, the muscle. ((lie))

some other wolf on guard duty