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wilderness between roads

Thought: what are some places that aren't super hard to get to but that most people never go? (Thought is had with the intent to go there). Possible answer: the weird groves created by large road intersections. These are the most liminal of locations. They are so liminal you don't even go there. The roads cut straight through, rendering them both useless and dangerous. So! They will have been left alone, probably, more than a lot of places. Maybe there's something to be found...? Actual field notes: A draw is to the desertedness of the place, the possibility to spin its existence into anything without being interrupted. Unhospitability used advantage: the un-drawing of others. [first retreat occurs after five minutes] These places are completely re-wilded, and will expressly deny any attempts to intrude. I am under constant threat What's notapparent from aerial photos is that (some of) these places are deep. From the car it looks like ankle-high grass perhaps, but it reaches to my torso, sometimes over my head.

My progress is slow. I am encumbered by a wet and hollow ground... and my own fear. (Lots of strange things here)

In the end, there is no epiphany... except: a piece of wood - a little knob or so - got in my boot and i had to take it off to shake the piece out. In doing so i stepped in the cold wet grass and suddenly knew some strange peace. This place is real, it's not just a spot on a map. (Also there was a fairy circle in the middle of it)

me when im in an area ^ me when i'm in an area