sixeyes polaroid gallery

a gallery of this beautiful year!

january! i force myself outside

crawling around up here. full of drinks and hazy pop songs. it's like a fortress in the clouds somehow. fluff, bubbles, and i'm recording myself in photo booth like if i was broadcasting to samoyeds among the stars
it's actually kinda snowy here and i wanted to document that. didnt work. this was like three in the afternoon
farewell photoshoot with the "maths" module (now sold). in the background there's some of these photos "easter egg". the picture is very red, i put a red lens filter over the flash. originally the filter is for some even older camera
blueberry drinks a beer. i THINK this is with a green filter but im not sure (no memories)
a house burned down
📷 by blueberry

trophy shot. hunted for a new bike and got this one. it's a "scott sub cross 30" i believe. it got no protection from dirt and grime and it lives on the balcony. it's mid winter as well so i can't really use it much due to, road suck.

but i WILL use it i will ride far and i will ride gloriously!

00:30 snow shot. theres a big building in the background which i wanted to see as well but its NOT here on the photo, which is a bit sad
wanted to capture the cat thing on the metal box but it didn't really work out. dark in the right due to cold temperature (like 5-6 below freezing iirc). dont know about the focus either. hmmm ... :)

plus these light stripe things ... ? what are those? is this due to, "clean yor rollers" i didnt clean those...