Aw yea i got the polaroid cameras (two of them at this point) but the cartridges are expensive so i try to only use one per month or something like that. Well have at it you swine

a gallery of this beautiful year!

may IInd batch! fucking up more

i forget what the first shot was supposed to be (something in a quarry?), second ejected with it, third just fucked up by the experience
"thorny fay pool" which is an abandoned quarry. not at all as religuous experinece this year (last time they drew blood via the thorns and led us astray in circles in those thorny bushes, separated us, i was ready to give up. lots of orchids tho)
little road near here, + another road near here, it's too bright
computer work from home dreaming about going outsidein the trees. fucked up not so charming picture
used 2 be a bridge for the railway but now it's for us (people), this is actually two exposures (im in one of them) WHY is it so dark
radio tower in a grove not far from ^, lot's of graffiti on it, i like to go there. it's on lighter setting than last photo! WHY is it so dark!
i dont think i will do B&W photos again. that was very boring

may! outside and trying double exposures and fucking up

double exposure on modded 645 "supercolor" or whatever it's called --- i add in a little switch to the motor then do the trick "open the hatch so the rollers cant get to the frame" then push it back in,

this is on mayday "may 1st" i went around in the industrial dome and some guy in a BWM was very angry with me ("you're not allowed to be here" 🙄)

2 motherfuckers ejected at the same time and the third was also fucked up, i think all thre due to the same problem (the topmost picture not being slid back far enough after the first exposure - it gets hold of the top TWO slides, ejecting them simultaneously (destroyed), and then supposedly somethign isnt set right after and a third slide is just ruined. as collateral damage). so that sucks
me & my mome bike to this wonderful place, my sister is there, they sat waiting on the fence watching us trespass to avoid a large road
this was going to be a wonderful shot of a weird tower out at sea, but the first shot (tower) was taken several days before the second (sea), and i think as a consequence the whole thing went to hell [it's just white]
aw yiss it's the first warm day, the first unbearably warm day, and i'm ontop of htis mountain where they make asfal,t, drinking this drink (mint liquour + sprite). picture is of asfalt factory. of course
visit of the summer house

april! outside! but the film is expired

me and J biking during "mud season" whne the snow melts and the earth becomes all strange and something to avoidn stepping in, and we take this off road path and it's basically a mudfest
i dont know whta this is but it's full of spray cans and beer cans and reeks of piss. youre allowed to be here and do these things i think.
holstorp antenna my beloved. can see this from all over town like a mysterious tower far away. it used to have a little follower antenna like a 5th of its size.. but it's gone now?
circlng the lake that cradles the town, this is on the other side, a little village where a friend grew up. we tried to find his house but it was, completely gone? which is a weird thing to happen to a house, and especially this guys house (it's possible something is afoot)
the furnace once more! from the front this time. (see 5th february picture). i like this building, wish we had more of this kind of thing around here
impossible to see but this is a bunch of trees with their roots underwater. they live
far south of town, abandoned house. NO clue why this image was attacked, more than the others. new kind of white creep. like sand dunes, ...or hands reaching for the house...
piece of fuckign shit

march! could be worse.

playing counterstrike and zooming (video call)... so called "corona activities" - 2 see a face
try 2 find a way _around_ the airport,, from the northern side (lake there, still not sure it's possible without being at least somewhat illegal) you need to go probably through these dubious industrial areas + actually sneak just above the runway. it's not fenced in but it has that air of "you shoudlnt be here"
some, "machinery"?, in this very same area
biking with J ... on our way to a secret tunnel, theyhad it fenced off TWICE + at one point just bulldozed the path buT we could find our way around it. (it's to be this wholely new industrial area but that's still a few years away be4 we see any buildings. it's just flat dirt for now)

it's the same story of a secret being brutally killed as collateral damage

going north and there's this little wonderful place. i will have GOOD times here in the future, taking this road back and forth, doing deeds and smoking smeeks
all the way north and threr's this house with TWO pizzerias in him (and one off to the side just across the road), at this point it started raining and i had a 2 hour ride home and it wasn't so good anymore BUT! the house, the house
easter and there's a cat, our cat he's here
weird birthday situation and we were given a fish, we had fish soup and made a fire and brought all the garden furniture in the car and what not, and it was very cold and windy and i nearly choked on a twig of redcurrants :)

february! longing for spring to begin.

sunrise... picture is looking southeast... and the sun is there, in the trees, just about to breach through. not represented super well here but there's an orange streak across everything. beautiful and cold like in that book
ok so this is taken with another camera than the above BUT it's film from the same cartridge :0 because i locked myself in the wardrobe and transfered half of the film to an old empty cartridge. to divide between cameras

anyway. we are on the ice trying to skate

...but it doesn't work due to the snow and actually outright sludge.

tesla (the cat) followed out on the ice but refused to go further than this. he's very afraid of open spaces (and spheres, but that doesn't apply here)

moms birthday!
i take a trip with the new bike 2 get familiar with it, i'm away for a few hours before i meet a friend and we fuck about for even longer and then i get the most intense headache

so anyway this is the furnace, which heats the entire city, it's on the southeastern border and to get to this spot you need to take quite a detour and circle round from the back, it's a bit secluded, wormy to get there. and full of snow - i had to leave the bike behind for a bit

this is with the other camera! you can see this by the white sparks in the left margini

here im trespassing on a weird municipal dirt dump storage ground south of town, it's high on a hill upon a ridge that's probably at least partly man-made, and you can see incredibly far, which i fail to capture in this photo.
on the way back north again, there's this INCREDIBLE location, it's an old water tower which is constructed in such a way that when you enter underneath the dome you're INSTANTLY met with a wall of sound - every footstep is amplified and threwn around so that it echoes for several seconds, in the most peculiar pattern like dun - dun dun dun - dun dun dun - dun dun, and then you start to sing and so, and it's wonderful

if i was so disposessed as to carry a flute around, this is where i would play it

we had snow up until like the last week. a bunch of people went through the ice (the eyes). me and J went on a bike trip but i forgot to take a picture. this is instead the next day (incidentally the last in the month), and its a true thing that the snow is now gone and we've had another "highest temperature in february since we started measuring, 150 years ago"

january! i force myself outside

crawling around up here. full of drinks and hazy pop songs. it's like a fortress in the clouds somehow. fluff, bubbles, and i'm recording myself in photo booth like if i was broadcasting to samoyeds among the stars
it's actually kinda snowy here and i wanted to document that. didnt work. this was like three in the afternoon
farewell photoshoot with the "maths" module (now sold). in the background there's some of these photos "easter egg". the picture is very red, i put a red lens filter over the flash. originally the filter is for some even older camera
blueberry drinks a beer. i THINK this is with a green filter but im not sure (no memories)
a house burned down
📷 by blueberry

trophy shot. hunted for a new bike and got this one. it's a "scott sub cross 30" i believe. it got no protection from dirt and grime and it lives on the balcony. it's mid winter as well so i can't really use it much due to, road suck.

but i WILL use it i will ride far and i will ride gloriously!

00:30 snow shot. theres a big building in the background which i wanted to see as well but its NOT here on the photo, which is a bit sad
wanted to capture the cat thing on the metal box but it didn't really work out. dark in the right due to cold temperature (like 5-6 below freezing iirc). dont know about the focus either. hmmm ... :)

plus these light stripe things ... ? what are those? is this due to, "clean yor rollers" i didnt clean those...