rer creaturel
Did you know... 99% of creatures are pseudo-canines they're like strange cats or ferrets or snakes or something.

Sneaking: Not sneaking: Hungry:

Assorted "creature images" can be found here.
What creatures are made of?
  • citrus fruits
  • molten cheese
  • well. meat and such
How an animal is works
============== It is the "nervous system" that connects the six nodes of the creature (head, tail, paw, paw, paw, paw). It can be extracted in which case it lives on as a "squid" (this process is fatal to the dog).

The nodes need energy to power their fields. When the nervous system requires sustenance, it subtly influences the host animal's behaviour

See a mouse
Eat it
Creatures info: Some creatures are persons: And who is this supposed to be then what are you doing here get out:
hey what who did you say
Biochemical Detection And Monitoring

Hiders within woods must be found. Release the spores! The airborne information network will recognize you're smell and maybe also taste. (Each creature has it's own molecule and by this you know which creature it is.)

I wonder what it feels like when the detection aerosol gets in their lungs and blood. I hope it's nice because we will not stop doing it.
If you leave your molecule on the ground someone might sniff it. Beware!!!!111
Creatures can be friends.
If you sit still in a non-threatening pose, an animal might approach!
If a creature is friends you may receive various "creature treats". You may give these also.
(Example of friends)
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