South of here lies tapes up to number twenty one.

going to the kitchen

going to the kitchen to show you my stove

some sirens



wing sound from bird

some guitar

it all falls apart

phone call

(it's my mom)

rewinding on the walkman

train goes by

bus base

being lofi on the bus

oscillator tuning

baby your all that i want


biking with spice vials

done two fishes

inside a goldsource vent LMAO

resonating slurp straw

i dont know where to begin

im ok

mina fyra årstider


mysterious song tune

sneaking around the factory... shooting the guards with my purple gun... (i think volca fm + smthing else)

rewinding on x15

boiling water




a tribute to weed


take me to the wreckage

defmon and volca keys

take me to the wreckage, piano stem


low battery? it's recorded this way on the tape.

sv1 dub

from the eurorack. basically a lifeforms sv-1 with "utilities" (basically a doepfer vca/mixer). sequenced with a bsp.

streamy water

quite possibly from the river next to the house.


for the worms and plants

roedeer beat

eurorack iirc

oh shit

nights out

ft. elsa

light fades (4 MB)

memory is released? deja vu wears off? (two minute fade out)


lost inside

a comment on the situation!


third to sixth bells (cloks), trial of the bells.


a car goes by


what am i going to do...


world princess


forest walk

a walk in the forest, checking out the different types of trees


frying, boiling

maskinens olja

life hack

You take a section of time


You repeat it four times... after the fact 🩸

bird stuff

bus to campus

some intermediate stops


calling my own answering machine

transmission: whale dog

whale dog communicates

walking from dream to dream

ambiguity waltz

on the piano

x32k leaving the station

the "tube train", not the tube but a train that looks like a tube

freight train

mysterious door...

on replacing fuses in the hammond

rule against

sirens distort

(distort what?)

snoop syrup w/ choir

waterstuff A

waterstuff B (3 MB)

waterstuff C (13.3 MB)

6' 58"

bushes of love

bad lip reading dot XM 🩸

bird killer core

birds in town

transmission: ambulance


slithery tr-0(8)aryl

church bells

more or less seamless looping (u can make it perfect it if ur inclined im just stating the facts)

tape rewinding

bike drone

[SPOILER] lyra8 demystified