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sanyo M-1110C

Post fact writeup of a thing done to the tape recorder
m1110c tape thing
My friend came running with this as a gift to me, to celebrate the fact that he quit his job or something. It has a decent feature set, see tape corder feature guide. It doesn't take super good to recording over previous material (i remove the erase head of all my players), it's crisper than the sony ones but distorts easily. Also it's got mono out only. Anyway, once upon a time i got drunk and made a tiny incision :) xoxo, ~sixeye
Ok very quick writeup since i didn't do so very much :)

The chip

Here's the magical recipe:

And here's what you get for doing
that my friend: it turns out it
bridges the envelope follower for
the "VAS" (Voice Activated Something)
and the motor speed!

... and that means the pitch of whatever you record varies with the volume of it. Which make things kind of awkward, in a neat way. Completely without extra charge!

As an added bonus, this only occurs when you have VAS turned on. If you turn it off, the speed drops down to a whooping 1cm/s or something (didn't measure, but close to two octaves, and normal speed is 4.8cm/s).

Okay,,, audio exaplme pleas

Playes of the guitar

In VAS mode, the volume dial decides the sensitivity, and thus also the pitch wavyness. I play the guitar four times:

  1. With 0 volume
  2. With 2 volume
  3. With 5 volume
  4. With 10 volume
Playback is on another handheld sony tape thing with no modification; the wavyness is recorded onto the tape!


Last updated in may 2020 :)