South of here tapes twenty eight to twenty two, lest twenty five which has been lost. Deeper south you can find even tape one.

1m46 wave and motor noise

ghost space ... empty recording ... but it is full of life ... a secret shore within

dads wire sounds

absolute madman is banging on the thick metal wires holding the antenna upright

radio free ghz

ambient derivative

waves on shore

gun fire

shooting range over the lake.

spider music

muffet from under tale wants your credit card 🩸

3m20 "yearning" jam

smoke on the water

by "purple" something. (cover) 🩸

rain in the engine room

the engine room is also a rain forest. everything glimmers with orange status light. cat-like creatures relax in the plumage, paying no heed to the space outside. the ship is permanently sealed.


cryptid honk w/ guitar

boat engine "closer"

boating past witches island

boat engine "more"

boating past witches island

ritual drum

ritual cat

tesla is meowing

cat meow

tesla is meowing

big boat

1.5 min echo sludge

this is what i imagine k-holing sounds like

feeling blessed

guitar sounds


it's not really abou-

train zone

out hunting...

easy gitar shit

"from" seca6

switch me out


crane call

immediacy of the tape format



wavy (cursed)

lilla meddelandet

wavy (cursed)


mysterymen, dance of the

seasick cucumber tune

some notes on the cause this wavyness over here: cause of the wavyness

blackbird sweep

train or car i dont know

breath/cloud song

super mario cloud level

mcdonalds ambience

real idiot hours

bike feelings

"her" - dont remember her name. we almost died together


recurring theme and tune