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WHATS TAPE CANON? oh, the tape canon was inside us all along...
HAND MADE? you can open the third eye of most tape recorders by removing their erase head.
WHAT ARE THESE FOR? divination, scoring, feed them to a sampler, etc...
TOOLS USED? TCM-150, TCM-20, M-1110C, TCS-430, to a lesser extent X-15, LYRA-8, and maybe a hint of frogbox!
tape 25 is missing :) and has not been digitized
This is tape 35.... (this banner serves as a little landmark)

volca wash

trashweek uku


RTL starship train

spaceship chicka chicka

[casino scene from cowboy bebop]

sounds like rain feels


(only right channel)

welcome to moldy kitchen

new episode

kela with siren

(kela is the croaky bike (she's an insect))

train and chord

buzzer sequences

some kinda machine...? i've no clue what this is

crickets and cars

345 manual (a whole train ride)

(almost four minutes) this is a pretty good representation of what's on these tapes. it's just a mess of things i guess. i digitize them and snip out the good parts and put them here. that's it that's tapecanon, demystified.

a train and a drink

3 minutes of waves in stereo

"voodoo" (?)


"turtle pad" (?)


behind the scene


two minutes of thunder (and rain)

color pulse



nail-against-whiteboard style, so probably horrible for some people

rain with chords

2'54" orca whistles

ORCA sketch. "whistles" more like bells. hashtag live coding. dad's in the kitchen making bread

minter train w mystery music

sequenced with orca as well


little jazz tune

plastic keyboard

chocolate mint

some little tune what ive been playing. while catsitting for a friend. with nice pianos :)

barbecue (dirty)

what my eurorack setup was capable of at the time (not anymore, at the time of writing). main voice is a radio music that blueberry built which i loaded with sub second AAH samples (cut from "the beguiling miasma of blood" iirc)

sony noise

the tcs-430 makes these :) upon any event

manifesting the creatures

willow warbler

with chords. (see "sublimation" below)

x31k takeoff

or x32k. cant really hear the difference.



crystallization. avalanche. erosion. crumbling.

walk along the shore

feeling allright. nothing is weird

dark nyuh :3


major chord blimp

sounds like a slowed down apple startup sound

let me go

little sketch of a song. please ignore the words :3

cassette rewind

little wistful tune :')

cant remember what this was played on. its not the bontempi bc that's to small for my hands to be able to play this. the hammond? i think it can do sines but there's too little hum and noise....

vortex guitar riff

dusty and untuned but with a glimmer of cosmic truth. this was recorded in a room.

the drug trade

the drug trade


summer afternoon guitar noodle

1'58" of that. electric and sameish


some kind of gull

hazy church bells

with bike and with lyra tuning process

stream with beat


a train goes by (unexpectedly)

darkness cellar

a bit strange. juxtaposition of light and dark. (but underground). part of it is reversed bc i think the tape head (or more likely, the tape) was unaligned..?

bokhultet birds

birds with erratic drone turning major chord

two piano themes

dont think i used these for anything


train platform

a door

a gentle crowd


recorded at the "night of culture"

höstlöv adjacent

perhaps not. "höstlöv" is djurtjuven (chip tune)

"danska utrop"

train announcemence in copenhagen

long train

long train goes by. up here we usually get them this long.

fm with fireworks

"arp vore" preset (this is one chord held). volca fm iirc

short dolphin

ambience reduction

spelman spelar

alla vill dansa

through water

or other liquid


a little tune on the piano...? file was called "thunderstuff", i can't recall if this is something... sounds distinctly like a musho kinda melody but i cant remember if i actually did anything with this...

lots of magic



kittens in an environment (area)

joker laugh

halelulei tape loop

plus dark chord

somber tune

on "speed guitar"


probably new years but i can't recall which year. to 2020?

inverted watchtower

little tune on the guitar

...sounds "spanish" ?

dark danglies

church bells

from the church of maria

car sweep

bon theme song

bonjour, mitt namn är bon, bon bon!

chord and texture

still bleeding

i ran my bike downhill and into a tree. tune is dope vhs master by desmond cheese


to me this is a sam wilkes tune but it might just be a standard i dont know that

bontempi flutes

accidental circuitbend i think (might just be coincidental distortion)

drone sweep

some filters, and some items


shitty tune

South of here tapes twenty eight to twenty two, lest twenty five which has been lost. Deeper south you can find even tape one.

1m46 wave and motor noise

ghost space ... empty recording ... but it is full of life ... a secret shore within

dads wire sounds

absolute madman is banging on the thick metal wires holding the antenna upright

radio free ghz

ambient derivative

waves on shore

gun fire

shooting range over the lake.

spider music

muffet from under tale wants your credit card

3m20 "yearning" jam

smoke on the water

by "purple" something. (cover)

rain in the engine room

the engine room is also a rain forest. everything glimmers with orange status light. cat-like creatures relax in the plumage, paying no heed to the space outside. the ship is permanently sealed.


cryptid honk w/ guitar

boat engine "closer"

boating past witches island

boat engine "more"

boating past witches island

ritual drum

ritual cat

tesla is meowing

cat meow

tesla is meowing

big boat

1.5 min echo sludge

this is what i imagine k-holing sounds like

feeling blessed

guitar sounds


it's not really abou-

train zone

out hunting...

easy gitar shit

"from" seca6

switch me out

crane call

immediacy of the tape format



wavy (cursed)

lilla meddelandet

wavy (cursed)


mysterymen, dance of the

seasick cucumber tune

some notes on the cause this wavyness over here: cause of the wavyness

blackbird sweep

train or car i dont know

breath/cloud song

super mario cloud level

mcdonalds ambience

real idiot hours

bike feelings

"her" - dont remember her name. we almost died together


recurring theme and tune

South of here lies tapes up to number twenty one.

going to the kitchen

going to the kitchen to show you my stove

some sirens



wing sound from bird

some guitar

it all falls apart

phone call

(it's my mom)

rewinding on the walkman

train goes by

bus base

being lofi on the bus

oscillator tuning

baby your all that i want

biking with spice vials

done two fishes

inside a goldsource vent LMAO

resonating slurp straw

i dont know where to begin

im ok

mina fyra årstider

mysterious song tune

sneaking around the factory... shooting the guards with my purple gun... (i think volca fm + smthing else)

rewinding on x15

boiling water




a tribute to weed

take me to the wreckage

defmon and volca keys

take me to the wreckage, piano stem


low battery? it's recorded this way on the tape.

sv1 dub

from the eurorack. basically a lifeforms sv-1 with "utilities" (basically a doepfer vca/mixer). sequenced with a bsp.

streamy water

quite possibly from the river next to the house.


for the worms and plants

roedeer beat

eurorack iirc

oh shit

nights out

ft. elsa

light fades (4 MB)

memory is released? deja vu wears off? (two minute fade out)


lost inside

a comment on the situation!


third to sixth bells (cloks), trial of the bells.


a car goes by


what am i going to do...


world princess

forest walk

a walk in the forest, checking out the different types of trees


frying, boiling

maskinens olja

life hack

You take a section of time


You repeat it four times... after the fact

bird stuff

bus to campus

some intermediate stops


calling my own answering machine

transmission: whale dog

whale dog communicates

walking from dream to dream

ambiguity waltz

on the piano

x32k leaving the station

the "tube train", not the tube but a train that looks like a tube

freight train

mysterious door...

on replacing fuses in the hammond

rule against

sirens distort

(distort what?)

snoop syrup w/ choir

waterstuff A

waterstuff B (3 MB)

waterstuff C (13.3 MB)

6' 58"

bushes of love

bad lip reading dot XM

bird killer core

birds in town

transmission: ambulance


slithery tr-0(8)aryl

church bells

more or less seamless looping (u can make it perfect it if ur inclined im just stating the facts)

tape rewinding

bike drone

[SPOILER] lyra8 demystified

South of here lies tapes up to number twelve.

birdkiller glass house version

i am rocket fuel

the sun viewed through a magnifyer

meet me in the grove (teasy)

how i feel on a good day

how to play "snoop syrup" on the piano

i roam
a shoebox on the road
a frog inside a well
the city where you wait 
i tell myself "today"
im sinking like a stone
im collared to a tree
the sky is falling down
i wish i would wake up
i wish i'd fall asleep
i tell myself "allright"
im sinking like a stone
im collared a thought
nobody take my hand!!
slipping away...
slipping into!
nobody come over,
to break the illusion,

proto snoop syrup WAVY EDITION

synth & storm

scarborough fair "kind of"



going home

whats going on

lyra bience


waity train

going home i suppose

surgery on the tape recorder

needa put some keys or whatnot out of the tcm-20

escape my consciousness

climbing out of a hole in the city center

feeling dangerous

4x4x4 manhattan

what does it sound like

nothing wrong with being an animal


brain funnel

narrowing it down

call and response

some chords on the maverick

cherish the nugget


in the mind caves

lots of fruit

despacito 2

more chords on the maverick

a dark train comes

everybody sj, ride sj

get lost 2

this one has a youtube video



its raining babey

ratty tune

sounds like a sorting algorithm


ocean waves

ocean waves

a little lyra too

norwegian wood

based on the famous book

wave nut

different kinds

frog gbg

waters of göteborg

spårvagn gbg

2 min of freight train

in lund


sci fi sructure



duck garden!!!!

while hunting for flea markets we came across an empty house with a garden full of various kinds of ducks, eating the flowers. it was obvious somebody lived in the house, and they had some stuff for sale on a table.

glass dump



dad plays the guitar

boat ambience

row your boat in the baltic sea

boat ambience II

more boat

ant war

tesla crowing

(tesla is a cat)


song sketch

hammond maverick





biking in borgholm i think


Seaside sounds I

waves gulls wind drums

Seaside sounds II

water hits the wave breaker


Dirt road with a haul of beers

dj lingongrova kassettkanon

det som pågår

råttan 93

Fotbolls-VM -18

denmark play with ball


dad plays the guitar

Mech purr

Morning bird!

Another bird!

And a nice drink for me

I wanna onion ring




google siphons my location data :(


Very mysterious; the secret project; fidget spinner inside the baloon; bakugan? (is someone hurt?)


welcome... u gotta mail...!


beer drinke


type of train

A ride home!


Spring biking

biking in spring

Morse code

It's morse!


It's faucet!


It's ditty!

Bell tolls for some people leaving the city by train...

bong bong bong... never to be seen again :)

Rain against steel construction

Seeking shelter under a cellar entrance thing

Visiting the specialist...

Brewing coffee

Boiling water and pouring it over the bean powder, manually

Warm beer

freezing at a bus stop drinking a warm beer

Your reaction

Your reaction by gemini eye


Bike sounds


April rain and i'm standing outside recording it

Pleasant alarm

Rooftop alarm + neighbourhood reverb

Drums from hurl curl

Colour map climax (2.1 MB)

Part of (unreleased?) 15 minute thing "colour map" which may or may not make it onto SECA IV

Tape two to five, or something, and some guesswork.

Ominous tone, running water

Rain, something is happening

that last sound... whhat is it...



Weird bottle ambience

Cat game

Flowing water




Opening a bottle


Pouring stuff


Weird sounds


The deed is done

Tape one.

volca meditation 3.0MB

volka ceys meditation reel!!! please do space out or such

Dags att dricka vatten WO



In which i get a portable tape recorder! In the mail!

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