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i make a drink

i prepare the drink "skinny bitch" and subsequently drink it
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(if you require a quick calculator instead of long explanation go here: )


it seemed nice to have something tasting like water that made you drunk, since i already drink a lot of water


i assume that the water has no alcoholic content to begin with. the first thing to do would be to calculate that for x amount of water, i would need y amount of vodka.

vodka_ml = (water_ml)/(vodka_percentage-water_percentage)

then, since my target was the same amount of alcoholic water as i had normal water to begin with, i need to get the ratio and multiply with the original volume.

water_ml = (water_ml/(vodka_ml+water_ml))*water_ml
vodka_ml = (vodka_ml/(vodka_ml+water_ml))*water_ml

me, i had 1.5l of water and 40% vodka, aiming for a 3.5% skinny bitch. turns out i should use 1368 ml of water and 132 ml of vodka!
as a fun piece of trivia, that's 12 sek per 330 cl (1.56 usd per 12 oz).


i drank about half without thinking and it tasted like strawberry flavoured water (which is what i used as carrier liquid). success!!? i think no - because 3.5% is kind of a low alcoholic content. you'd have to drink the whole bottle to feel buzzed. i will repeat tomorrow with 5%, and if i'm feeling brave, without flavour to the water because that doesn't really taste good as it is.

ok once more in the opposite direction

ok so as i said step 2 is to make one without flavoured water and with a higher alcohol level, 5%. turns out to be a neat 1300 ml of water and 200 ml of vodka, fucking A, i got that in the fridge.

the problem with this one was that it was gross as heck, and maybe you can put some citrus juice in it, i dont know, maybe drink a bottle of wine and come back. it was nice and it wasn't. i feel like making a 5% one with like raspberry water would be cool but still on the grosser side. the 5% one also turned out pretty expensive (like 17 SEK per drink). i mean, i dont care enough to do this again probably. go drink something else.


python script for calculating amount of vodka

see also

dreamwiki on alcohol

ok update

once again i am lured in by the colourless appearance of the two liquid containers. all my light shines through. how can they both be this way? they are very different. i will combine them once more.

this time i decide i want 3.8 vol %. this means 152ml vodka and 1500-152ml water. on a day like this it figures i would go with citrus flavour. on another note, i have decided that anything below 25kr per 33cl is ok. sometimes you just got to go with the times.

it helps to have a citrus - viva la person who understood this, and taught their children, and so on. you should probably have one at home, if not now then in the future. a sour fruit. i like the green one better but the yellow one is more accessible...

in my life i know the diffwerent tastes of defferent plants.... theay are hunting fom me... and i wa.......,....m...(sand desert) so weak

so italic and they so much as fuck off from the shore as with they its a "beautiful shore" but u know its just a lot of jelly shit

darkest solstice

two celestial bodies are dancing each other, you know this,
you are as young as i. i do not know what is happening. i hope you will let me dream

i dream of myself, a whiff of my composition, of my average kilogram. i don't necessarily feel like i'm holding it together. and who dies in the end... and who gives me an ! !!

say hello everybody. :D

ok update

i done a make more ; there was a week "a few weeks ago" i made about, ok two weeks or so i made like six bottles 1.5L bottles what makes like 9 litres total of this. i tried different strenghts 3.8 - 4.5 - 5.0 and of course 3.8 was best. BUT what i learned:

and what i did; i made a video describing the steps - that's a lie it only describes the "pour liquid" step with hints of "store liquid in container".... :
artsy fartsy youtube video

back again!

from distant lands i've came back to put more about this; it's been simplified, no python script neccessarry just calculate in browser!

click the image to go to calculator: