's lgpt themes!

LITTLE GIPPY TRACKER! Little game shark Tracker! LiTTLe GiPPy TRAKcR! sOUlittle p1g TREKRND;- it's an eIGHT CHANNlE sAmplE bAsEd trAckEr fOr thE SONNY PSP am0ng 0ther th1ngs (wh1ch 1s t0 m34n 17 c4N RUN O0N O7H3r platform)!!! i have some samples for the thing in this here

and it has the CLOLURs! SO YOh can changE thE colouR schemE,
          U CAN READ HOW DO DO THAT her bu7 bas1cAllY iT LooKS LiKe THiS:

yoU c An USe the PIGgy trAkcer on THE PoRTaBLe DeViCe~~~ iF u h5ve it hahe,         on c0mputre as well,
there are RULES for HOW TO have the CONFIG file with NUMBERS and COLORU NUMBER,
   get    to
    have the hash sign
   in front of numbers
  and also
happu trAKNING!

and you know iV'e beEN THInk about, the colorus and how the yinteract? i THINK the B4CKGR0+und color is one THING and the accent (TH1RD VALUe) cOulD pRobablY hAvE sOmE rElatioN, to tha7, be IT LIGHTER OR DARKER or smth, but, the cURSOR must    be some kind OF OPPOSITE in SOME WaY i PReFeR BRiGHTNeSS i THiNK i have
no clear thoiught about primary tet colour
^^^ SYLVEON colour? :)
^ 909? hUHmaybe
iN lInUx CoMpUtRe ThE cOnFiG.xMl FiLe GoEs In ThE "bIn" FoLdEr (ThAt Is ThE lGpT bIn FoLdEr) ApPaReNtLy. On PsP u PuT iT iN tHe PiGgY rOoT (wHeRe AlL uR sOnGs LiVe HeHe) mAgIcAl DeSiGn ChOiCeS aM i RiGhT