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welcome 2 arthur resource no 1 stop on the internet for info on arthur and e-type, i will post info on arthur and e-type and their adventures and characters here, my goal is to be the no 1 online resource on e-type and arthur
xoxo, ~sixeye
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arthur hacksona
info arthur is a mac fanboy but not a very good hacker actually...
but he has the power inside to transform and save the gang...
~ listen to the theme song here ~

(arthur will wreck the cops)
love triangle

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armytage ruminates...
he remembers how magnets become
more magnets if you
break them in half

"at this time i was deep into animal magnetism..."

... too deep. i didnt know what i was doing ...
... before i knew it , ihad given my eye ...
... and ear ... in trade ...

the forces of animal magnetism is like this
on an animal


armytage was inspired by
this question on stack overflow

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