Sixeye's Mavica Gallery

clothed dog [..] go up one level (likely to "images"...?) Photos here taken with a sony mavica mvc fd-81
It's a monthly diary of this magical year...
pointy dog
Fifth diskette... "may" Milk offering to the pony mug. This has to happen every now and then. I don't like it more than you do.
Daily harvest.
Here's a photo of a gigantic building. This is the backside, from a road who goes by a bit lower down. You can go up there and shoot brick shards for fun.
From a bike trip to an island north of the lake north of town. Camera is pointed south here.
Some lino cats! I quite like these. Even though they got almost destroyed in the process of putting them up.
The light has been turned on
Made a blind panel for the new rackbrute i got myself.
Fourth diskette... "april" I was going to try the new spray paints in a secret place... but someone has already been there... Я люблю тебя was also sprayed on a tree... there was a timestamp but i dont remember it. 2019-12-21?
Daily harvest.
Holo stickys! At some car dealership maybe?
Kela in the birchwoods.
Sunny grove. I could sit on a rock and be warm.
Nights out...
Third diskette... "march" A little calico!
Tesla says hi.
Dreaming of warmer times...
Curious kittens wanna get outside
Tesla, again.
Cats on a log by the river
Why are you so haunched?
The gang catches some sun after four months of darkness.
Some flooded forest.
I don't really know at this point
Flooded road...
Musho plays the piano.
Second diskette... "february" Cooking in växjö...
All the vegetables have been chopped at this point
Blueberry distorts a toy keys...
Still working... need to mess it up some more...
Got a broken 2010 macbook from work.
"Worlds biggest lost-keys tag"
Blueberry at it again. Some old bontempi this time.
Dropped the sign... whoops...
Interior apartment shot.
Ready to go to the train station and pick up some friends!
The folks have arrived. These are quarantine times and we need to stay inside.
Still cooking in växjö...
Very tired and should go to sleep
Blueberry finally caves and buys a switch
First diskette... "january" Blueberry has set up shop in the apartment...
Dunkmaester is doing a whip...
Musho takes a selfie in the laser room...
Vibing! Probably at or around halloween.
2 bros
Scaly cheeks
Someone left their supplies in the fridge...
About to fix Kela's tires...
Musho's elevator selfie
Samuel doesn't want his photo taken :)
Zeroth diskette... "the old times" Slightly temporary rig... the tascam four track is fucked to bits...
you need to have all screws unscrewed so it can be flipped and opened to adjust some wheels whenever...
Cooking in Os
Chewing on a bubblegum
Witch rows of trees. You could feel how far you'd gone. There was a clear edge, an old grove in the center, hidden by all the skinny trees
Lift your skinny leaves like antennas to heaven
Circuitbending the GT509... (writeup)
A few tapecanon tapes (tape canon)
Moving to northern Växjö!
Grimes IV comes with a lot of prints