EX V KRÄM-SÅS gps 410757864530 DEAD COPS

Ok this goes so far back (2+ years!) i have no memories of doing any of this (lie) or wait i was living where i do now when i started it. Has to be from early 2020 or possibly somewhat before. Corona was probably a thing?

These notebooks are super cheap theyre less than a dollar each with lots of pages (too many tbh) of thick paper so you can use heavier pens and water and stuff. But! They just fall apart under any kind of stress, it's all just glued together... with shitty glue!!! I think two out of three of these have just collapsed entirely for me. Delicate things you cant open them too quickly or keep them in a pocket going outside

Hey wtf! Some of these later pages references a book i read in like february of this year...? I must've had this book for like a year? That's insane...

Some of these back pages references "Fairies With Wings For Bath" from where i adapted this CSS btw. That's not yet finished and it's been almost another year since then (but i did buy the parts. (well some of them.))