Secret places in town and their issue.

Below the warehouse

drawing of a young birch forest, stretching toward the horizon. there's a 'no entry' streetsign in front, and a warehouse behind the treeline. always something a little too calm about this place. gives me the creeps. haven't been up here too often cause of it. just looking down the road in passing makes me shiver a bit. (tired laugh) or, well, that's not really true is it. it's decent. there's deer sometimes.

it's clear they never meant you to be here. the road can't be accessed by car since many years. it has faded away to almost just a footpath... the ground is dirt, very dense, almost like they packed it, yeah? but you got all these trees coming up, birch, young ones. they're not too close together either. something off about that... too open? and it's always so quiet too.

it's a place to look around... there's weird things on the forest floor for sure. mostly this dry dirt. but then a lot of bricks, orange brick shards, scattered all over the place. some white plastic slabs. traces of prior activity. laminated work orders.

and then all the while, the warehouse is there in the background, looming over all of it. it's massive! taller than all the trees, and it's like, it has no features. just this big, white, imposing thing. no fence, you can walk right up to it. some kind of loading dock, but you can tell, they dont much come out here either.

impossibly large highway grove

non-place grove above the rail

asphalt spot behind the power plant

weed bench [KILLED]

dance grove at work [KILLED]