Map: kalmar

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City to the east, old and compact. Very great for strange things. Read more in the dreamwiki.

Pseudo-oneiric map

While the base of this image is traced from open street map, that's not really how i remember it and so i have corrected a lot of details. I've also left out a bunch of completely useless shit such as most buildings and larger roads.

The brown horizontal line is the railway... the darker part is electrified, the lighter northbound one is not. This is the more important of the two. It cuts through the orange fox fields like a bridge right under the surface of a lake.

There's a bike's road going straight west south west. This song is recorded there. After a bit it goes through a swamp full of birds and witches huts.

Other nice things... green hill of wood-anemones. Island under the great bridge. Weird triangle thing in the graveyard (great place to have a drink). And our old house (unmarked ㊙️).


You figure it out: open street map copyright stuff and if that doesn't mean anything i guess CC-BY-NC-SA. I'll try to read the ODbL some day but right now cloudflare says earwax blockage.