vinyl stickys... i order these from internet print shops and it's very expensive.
mirror mosaic cat thing... i got a sheet of sticky mirror tiles as a gift! super fun but they were sharp to put up. the ears would be larger but i got an audience toward the end and bailed. my plan is to go back and get better pictures when theres leaves and shit but i dont know if the glue will hold that long. we'll see!!


mc donalds arts and crafts soo many ppl saw me put up this last one! its in the middle of mc donalds drive through :) signed another location. turned out like rubbish.
jfif stickys...
these are written with muji pen on such black ribbon as you use in dymo text puncher... but of weird size i can't use normally... cutting in it with scissors leaves white marks. hm.
season 3 of these! by this point i kinda got a feel for them. ... then the machine broke ... (i swear i did these in 2018 as well but i can't find one single image... probably all on my phone who broke.)
whatever the heck this is i had to get rid of these big magnetic sheets and 2 vials of food coloring, so this probably lasted until next time it rained


ribbons from the dymo machine. easy to go when you get a shitty thought on the go ...and many more. in weird places, kindly and mostly. fun to do but the newer plastic dymo machine hand cranks suck ass


204x94 px wide 1-bit images these are made with one of those label makers that use heat to print. they fade after maybe two weeks of sunlight and wrinkle in rain, but indoors they work well. the idea here was to keep new ones coming, anyway.
not gonna stop with the stickers
making these as a4-sized patterns because i cant afford to buy vinyl stickers, instead i use those label sticker sheets you can buy at book shops. but with those i dont know where each sticker will be on the image. i figured patterns would do the drick, and they do! as a consequence no 2 stickers look exactly alike, which i guess is cool.
"city worm"... idk what it's about, the many faced city or some shit. The QR code contains my secret birthname.
It's at [56.88139, 14.75534] if you wanna know. Don't know about these stickers... probably not gonna last long. (2018 update: someone deliberately fucked it)
these look like maps i think. made in mspaint, edition of 48


i did tony hawk stickers the number is for a mc donalds