Star Craft 1 Maps

Ok these are some maps for the star craft. We made them for 1.16.1 or something.

Stuck In A Base / Cramped Wars 02
Survival map! Zerglings and other fiends will come to you, but only if you post "keep your fucking lurkers away from my hero" in this thread. 255 upgrades, special selections, bonuses, etc. Intense at times. Can run for 40 minutes i think.

Download Stuck In A Base!

Cramped Wars Jungle v1.1
See above - but this one has larger terrain and a bit more thought through building layout maybe. Smoother gameplay but with a little less charm.

Download crampwar jungle

Cramped Wars CRAMPEDX2
See above - but in like i guess maybe 1/5th of the space! You die after a few minutes most of the time.

Download CRAMPEDX2