youve got mailsome thing or the other is going on (this includes "no particular thing"),
because all sets contain the empty set
anyway there is a yearning, we long to know our location inside a number of grids

maybe this process will be automated later, by the brain.
for now, we need to define 2 domains

  • IMmersion
  • Stress

  •                  i
          stress     n
    nothing is happening
    yes it's
    this are going on 4 real
    kinda? ok,
    not now
    what am i doing lol
    i dont have to care right now
    boy i die!!!!!!
    shit boy
    serious errors
    when do people arrive: a real concern
    my eyes are made of nerves

    this one is not satisfactory. what does it describe?
    things can be important.nothing important, if anything is important.

    nevertheless, there we are, somewhere. i'll locate my level of IMmersion on the x-axis.
    probably none, right now at least. maybe later this will change.
    for Stress, i think kinda because i am hungry but do not wish to eat currently.

    i can now define my bearing: i am at IM0-S1 - not now says the square,
    and it is true. that defines me.if i allow it to

    as i said the factors are wrong; or irrelevant.
    i return with a new grid, with new dimensions

  • KBRY: fucks givenKBRY, old saying
  • IN: the amount of impressions
  • here we go


    I N
    i dont care at all!
    reasonable caring!
    i care very much!
    a tiny amout of impressions is coming to my skull flesh. i am numb
    i'm 2 sleep
    doing what i'm can to stay above the surface here
    i am leading a normal life with a normal impression amount
    haha, what evs
    ok every second is a minute of detail to micro manage
    the information given unto me is kind of a great torrent
    clever girl
    this is one i'll just have to ride out

    doing a reality check again. here i find myself at KBRY1-IN1.
    this one is unsatisfactory as well!it doesnt describe what i want!

  • SC: current level of solitude
  • SW: level of solitude sought
  • it might pay off to watch this one:
    confusion <-------> openness
    maybe in this case they are the same.
    something <-------> confusion/openness. maybe this IS immersion?

  • Confusion
  • SOVereignity
  • because there can be clarity and there can be another kind of clarity.
    we need to be bored to be stimulated. if we see sharp all the time we can never see sharp.
    what i mean here is we should watch how far gone we have become and measure it.

    in sovereignity i put simply that sometimes we require to be alone, and sometimes not


    S O V
    i am tuned into what is going on, and can plan several days ahead
    i am an adult, i can take care of my self, for several hours in fact
    there is some confusion as to what my intentions were and why i'm here
    i am quite safe! probably inside, alone
    plans orginating here are probably OK
    doing stupid shit like this
    meandering, but rave‑ish
    i am part of the world. things are fine.
    i can trust myself here to follow plans and so
    outside, chilling
    outside, doing field work
    there is a wish to escape
    i can pretend here
    i can pretend but there is no feedback
    an alien controlling flesh via radar

    now we are in fact talking. this one is nice.
    today, after eating a DARKY SLAW, i went from C0-SOV0 to C2-SOV1 and C1-SOV0 before i got back.

    watch this space as i will humbly post new findings here
    this is an act of confusion 2017.
    copyright is not real TBQH