where in we discuss sensibibility, maybe solubility

manifesto for what's good ************************* practice - in this day and age what's available for us


incredibly enough, you always end up in some kind of enclosure... if it's yours to change, you can pimp it out to yourself... dial one lightbulb to deep purple. put the other in a red enclosure. to create illusion of the dragon in egg;;;

softschool stuff

  • dont be inconvenient - no darn full spectrum cool "snappy" kicks. for heavens sake. it's obnoxious and it looks bad on the report.
    incredibly daft move, anyhow. instead do something volumeous and lush -- something rich in another sense than spectral content
  • as with food, you can refine a sound to much (in which case it dies. as with food, you want it to be alive.) You lose its nutritional value! You're serving lab grown perfectly measured sterile shit! Don't be the mc donalds of sound.
  • overcooking is ok, i suppose.
  • every dimension of our work has a resolution. sometimes it's too fine to notice. sometimes it gives rise to really neat patterns. sometimes it lets you fill in the blanks with more than is factually there...


  1. i just like lists, ok.
  2. for recreation, i tap "everytime we touch" by maggie reilly on a glass of water
  3. for equistration, i ride a horse
  4. every night i brew four large cups. i let them rest open on the kitchen counter overnight.
documentation is allright but there are more pitfalls than not - radiget knows what's up, it's dangerous to remember what was going on.
yet we can retain the lessons learned, maybe, or mixed fragments ready to be remixed