fairies, with wings, for bath

says mitski, "just how many stars will i need to hang around me to finally call it heaven"

useless thinking

when i'm in the bath strange thoughts come to me, but there's this rule not to write or speak - all has to be remembered and clouded by movement through time... and it's there the thought occured to me - a thought now somewhat refracted - what if the candle was pink? what if i could have many flames spread out throughout the room. see i like to have the ceiling lights turned off, all lights really, except for some faint candle. and again - what if it was pink. and i had several of them.

ok here's the plan. small blinky flamey circuits that will create "ambience" when i'm bathing. my other plan was to get a projector and beam winamp visualizer onto the shower curtain, but this seems more doable somehow. to be clear they are not to be in the bath themselves but in the ",vicinity"

gross mspaint sketch of my desired situation
so i spend two or three baths thinking of the characteristics of a candle, how to mimic it, how to build my flamey lights (here i start to think about them as "fairies". fairies with wings for bath (we'll talk about the wings later)). i decide to build them with some kinda RGB led and the ATTINY85 chip. to be honest the attiny is because i wanted to do something with one of those for some time. hammers and nails, etc.

first prototype

the goal is to make it cycle between colours in a gradient or something. so there's a value 0-255 that decides the "brightness", that fluctuates randomly, and then for each brightness value a composit ecolor is calculated from a separate "brightness table" per colour. although ATTINY's memery can't hold allthos values! so instead we define only some points and lerp between them in realtime.
first prototype
what's going on there

dev notes

Arduino IDE config