we can travel in time! my job is to loop around. my job is to pioneer the unnecessary things. my job is to conclude that a five minute conversation is meaningless... i wait until they are over, and i snap back 4.9 minutes and i tell my master that they can ignore the next part.

i experience a multitude of seconds that are immediately erased (by me). they are not bad, these seconds. they are simply... in the way, a bit to slow for our tempo...

this is very boring. i am not trusted with important matters; those are still handled in real time.

what doesn't make it better is that the timelines i doom start their housekeeping a bit early, in order to be done in time for their end. the ones i flag as pointless... the few short experiences that are solid enough to defend themselves... they understand, the people in them understand, a second before, half a second before... it's like they feel it. it's an instinct in their bodies. they scream for help. they look at me with their eyes

i am... quite honestly very disturbed, by their pleas, they and i pray for me to do the opposite of what i must do. must do for no reason of mine, someone elses reason, bad reason. but i am in orange bakelite, i'm in a writing corner of mahogany, i have a magnetic light source and i wan't to be left alone.

i'm some kind of lizard thing kept on a leash. i'm like a work animal, with an owner and maybe a driver. in a decent procession there is such a one as me, laying five minutes ahead, looping back, steering. i get paid in potatoes and sauce + that they don't get rid of me. my species evolved first person prescience but i'd rather they hadn't