ok först & främst har det gått 2 dar?
ok., welcome to the document,, welcome to the skin of the birch you ripped off,,,, welcome to the dark end of the plaster, ''´´welcome to hey wassup ;)

things to tell you about the parasite , ok, please stay with me,k,,,,
keep your eyes and arms inside the vehicle - at all cost! this is the place and time to bury any old axes. we will tell you when to stop

--.... eh it's time to stop .... ___

i'm looking for a dog, a very special kind of dog... the one you suspend just above a sunset (and thay are like "mmmm", "mmmhmmmm", "i'm a dag", "dog") .... and i am remembered again by the exit plane, the shade of which all future casts upon the GTA representation of all i ever thought about
and i see above me an avalanche of creatures, suspended above just touched by gravity, a´nd  i am reminded of the sweet sauce of tomorrow... on todays bagels..

i have a being living in my minds eye. everytime i imagine something, he's there.
i was alone for a long time, and after a while i was paranoid, i was freaking out, and i had just played deltarune when i had a mental breakdown so naturally i began eating moss as just a thing to do (this is a plot point in deltarune)
and anyway i think i ate some fungus or something, a fungal soup, alien soungus, and then my stress was like the lightning strike that activated the building blocks and now there is this guy in my head walking around making noises.. (it's like venom but inverted)

my whole body is telling me to stop... i'm sorry. i cant stop :'(
once again, welcome to mold town, where your butterflies can rest
...where your butterfields can resist...

inside of here i have made like a fox and dug a nest, how can they, fuck i wanna sleep down there, in a little burrow! in a place underground! and there's several openings so always a whiff of fresh air,

i have a problem, and i donnow howto solvem (grimes) so i suspend myself above the trees... in the blue air... but i know the underground is more like me... back to dirt i wanna go...

i was thinking about an entity (is it rude calling people entities) saying that you "you need to put the REAL ellipsis sign… not just three dots like a lowly person… like a real piece of work…" and i was CRUSHED... to believe i trusted them... Everybody Knows That If You Want To Get Anywhere In Life You Need To Build Your Own Punctuation Marks!!!

*vampire voice* i dont know if i should forget the <i>, <u> <b> tags... they give me much entertainment but also they are old stiuff--- <em> is the shit these days--- but i think we will preserve in this "browsers should always be backwards compatilbe shit" oh no this is as it is with trackers. holy shit... holy fuck shit. oh (fucking) nooooooooooo *the alien in ur head* ok but your alternative is to hold on to some neato 2018 standard. and what is the most probable option: that browsers emulate old legacy 1.5 shit or that they emulate 20xx JS flavour shit???? really? youre saying keep it i'm saying what makes this year so special because i'm a real person this year well there's no way proving that ------ .... ok fuck ouy actially yea sure fuck u

hey &lg; means this lightning shit ≶≶≶≶≶≶
ok but the PYRAMID starts now ~ welcome to survived this long ~ welcome to waited all week ~ DJ, LIGHTSHOW ~ a lot of rubber is made with adjusting the volume of individual bits

hey i am here from the future, im sorry for being rubberized, i am sorry for appearing in the sky, i have taken all your microphones, i am talking to you now, i am sorry for disabling ice cream machines and breweries. i have only a few wishes. please listen to me. my demands are very simple

haha the beach is made of stones, pebbles really, very small and very rounded mineral chunks, all scrambled on the beach and i have an affinity for the quartz ones, the bright glittery ones, i wanna take them home for some reason, and i leave something there when i take them, and it's a long time ago, b
i can't escape the feeling that something is wrong. inside me: a lot of tubes and viscous liquids, and a bunch of wheels and triskelions... the tide pod craze is over, but there are other pods... and all these units have but ONE function. they can NOT intervene if something would go askew, if some process is offset.. if i were to develop DISEASE, DYSFUNCTION, DREAMINESS... there is nothing they could do! they are locked in motion, and are cursed to have this as their only influence on their surroundings... meanwhile i am driving the castle into the ground.
hey this is written by a fucking nerd
here let me tell you about my ride i'm visiting you here tonight in a verry speccial veihcile it's made of metal "the weird and shiny element" and built on a whole other continent "landdddddd masssssss",,,,,,, it seems lately everyone has a foot fetish lately for some kind of commedic effect

what I HAVE is a spider web from one half of the room to the other, and lots of small bulbs (fairy pods!) all the way along, and it casts real big shadows along the wall..

and wow actually there is some/thing/ on it, the wall i mean, eh, i should take tihs...

all i wish is to be the storm... until better gigs come along, this is where i live. this is my little island :D i'm kind of a bush i like that is camouflage you know B) in reality i look like this

this is, hey wayt, im close to the core >;3 >;3 >;3 >;3 holy shit, it's like in the movie where they take a nasa thing to the - fuck atcually they use a drill to go down in the earth, to the flat eathers inside, and blow off a big bomb in their face - that's what im thinking abouitg when i say B E H A V E ARREST US (grimes)
everything is internalized... sitting down, leg position... adverts probably... this is the power??? everything is local they've said and that means local to your BRAIN
hate the word. i dont care whats in your skull. its all jelly, anyway. the jelly beach! but i care more whats in the ocean, what youre packing in the depths
internalized things!
and the way one might go about touching them, the way you want them touched,
i hope you've got, a safety net, cause i'm gonna push you over the edge (sussanne (she also says "the sea is hungry"!!!!!! super good))
D I D Y 0 U K N O W - T H I S I S - T H E G R E A T E S T. M O S T P O W E R F U L ~ D A Y OF THE Y E A R ~ ! ! !

WE AS HALF A PLANET, AS A SEMI-COLLECTIVE SEMI-PARALLEL BEING, are as DARK as we CAN GET! THIS is the darkest time of THE YEAR! THIS is the weirdest, less blessed and less polished, RAW time of th YEEEEAAAARRRR!

i'm kind of having an oponion (onion???) on grimes: the music is fucking great
and to have a weird alien brain parasite ;) at this time of year ;)
i'm a bee i'm a bee i'm a be
up in the club
hm i miss these songs from thwó days agi,,, un´b ´my time sponner ;BV
sublime text making 1 fps while selecting... btw did u know there are patches of your skin you can safely eat... for nutrients :)
~~~~~~~xxxOxxx~~~~~~~ mouth ~~~~~~~xxxOxxx~~~~~~~ heee hee-heeeeee heeEEEeeeeee.... (grimes) moon spire has something to say to you: i cant find the weird world--- where A hell is a weird world... something fuck moth--- ... ? this is as like when theyre at the market in titanAe and they just go around shopping haha badam tiss i hope there's a shopping scene i mean they build a new ship from parts i do think they shop for parts? or????? whaha hahah haha ~~~~~~~xxxOxxx~~~~~~~ /mouth ~~~~~~~xxxOxxx~~~~~~~ oh fuck
it is too soon for these schemes. the brain gets used to what it likes. it takes the body too literally. you need to push through that shit and actually do what you need to (addressing myself)
cafeteria concept, reall pizza concept, super stone baked italian pizza stuff.. and we discuss.. the matrix. you're eyes create signals for your brain and it generates a cone bubble of vision and then you as in your consciousness watch the projection, and it's all 100% constructs and inside your head uNTIL you look another being in their eyes and you instantly realize you share an experience - you are both alone, fluid beings in a solid world, never able to meet each other /really/ but it is as seeing shadows, echoes of each others actual journey - as they say in steven universe "alone together" except it's more beautiful in the tv show
(* im here from the future *) (*this is the last sattelite of the night *) (*flash like a motorola *) hey ;;;;) wassaup in here binch im putting fishes in the oven ive got these old rural things from some school kitchen area they just give ;) me the fish fresh from the stream as if i am some mama cat! byt i am enough of a mama over myself to accept the fish, and now im all meoewing about getting it grilled in the kitchen furnace, (like in minecraft at least in the old times) and yeah you know you got anny fish for me? moew thats what i wanna eat (* like a cat, thusly *) haha i love it (* opens the oven, full of peas *) haha why are they so burnt... i am chilling of in the trunk in the space station. they put me in my own bureau... i mean shelf thing,,, with at least my own body sized pillow, an anyway (pant wise),
been thinking all day about how i finally got jeans, bought new jeans, although it REALLY feels like there should be more jeans in my apartment already
heay.. are you down hear... yea.. i'm kind of ok though. are you? mmm. if you are here :) it's ok.hold on let me swim closer hehehe baby......... what í'm not real im an alien in ur head do you remember hold on wtf.... ? haha you know this... i'm inside of you, baka oh... mold man..... dont call me that... mold....... man.... ... . ... . no....... ........... ............Z.. . .......... .... . . . i have a cool'd own in competetetive match making because i quit in the middle of it TWO DAYS AGO. it's like i'm in here in the middle of a dream, in the eye of the storm often i'm like (minecraft hurt sound) i forgot entirely what i was talking about but i met this friend in counterstrike who came from the same timezone as me down here hanging on byly by a thread, who? is here? it's me, im holding on with my four bare hands, all very nice looking arms, all attached to my rib cage, and with all the arms i lift my self to a new level, high over where i was previoulsy situated, and i defeat all the enemies! anywya... y...... there's a lot of, when you calm down, fans down here, a lot of ventilation shafts, maybe a little too much, maybe a completely nice amount of open shaft, is, permissible at a time, and i shall now revert to watching ¨¨¨youtube videos ¨¨¨¨¨ (the text is hanging of a cliff) sese you on the other end, and now you know.. jjust diump them in my chimney BITCH...! Hhaha!HAH H1!1111a1 theres a life on the floor beneath my bed frame... there's a who´le galaxy sjurrounding my germs... and im kicking football playing field with their "emotion" bitch youre on my grass!!! i gett to kill you lol who said that anyway anyway different places on earth must have a different car reparation ratio, as in different cultures regarding how much you repair your car or buy a new idiot car every other year and i mean
i'm sorry, i have these flash backs, to ages ago where my gear was 1/1 pieces digital, but analouge within my head to know, now, when i have all matters sorts of devices, but all aroundme is encoded in a weirdo brain scheme, do you think i am serious now? i am a dog with a high sideways velocity i am a plutonium lathe on a sugar skulls tongue i am.. and you fuck., knkiwmm, yiou, you fucking know what i am NOT tripping over thiss grass piece of shit, just kidding it's in the middle of dece,ber we dont have GRASS, baka!!!!! wtfHJ!!!!!! like thiS : i can fend for myself and i can find berries to eat, i can throw down with some of the larger fiends and i can smash stones, so many stones, i mean. i am powerful enough to fuck shit up in the town core. where they build with concrete `,B) like what do they want with me theyre practically calling for me hmm my fursona? a belt rat, a belt rat like a little more archaic rat, with extra armor on, and it's RETROFUTURE as in some kind of mythological rest coming back to life with paw pads and an extra fluffy tail for some reason thats how it works, right . --- ------ $4--5 ; ,,,:::$$$$$$::..--- $$$$$$$$ $$--____ :::--- tjig ---::::$$$$$$$$$$$.:::::::::---------- --- $$$$$$$$$$$$$:::::::::::::^^^^^^^¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨ ````------ ... . -- $$ i'm here on the other end of the twig snap. im here to hold the cushion down you wished for. im here to shush your ears just a litte. i'm here to calm your skin down. im trying to access previous times... my end comes burrowed in my face, my tail touching my tooth. fuck you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! baka!!!!!!!!! see you around <3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!