i'm listening to crrew grove dj adidadis

that's great...
anyway i live in a snowy town where the wind blows hard... i live where my mouth can breathe even in the brightest day
i've been out photographing... i've been being a nusciance...

maybe if i drink morke drink ill break more windows... that's just a friendly neighbourhood tip

wbat i mean is i just drank so much i fucking FPUKED on the carpet i just fucking --- no that's not true i just read someone on tumblr do that

i got this witches brew going in me kitchen and let me tell you it's not that great but i just realized i can put more water in there to make it less itself per volumetric unit of fluid you know the standard metric????

i know standard metric shut the shaft up. stop talking in here
be a decent person you kniw

pk omma ply CPOUNTER STRIKE tejhre's a patch  ... i go to find oot details

i used a scale to check the weight andd it was 0.6 gs

p's he said... pease...- peace.... tonight

hahahaha öäöä ''' ~~~~ woooww people wtf!!!
i hope you don't have utf-8 encodeing,m this thing is supposed to be enjoyed in 9424 encodubg,, yoú knoiw from the past times'

i think aboud rayman the game in the game RAYMAN from GBA platform maybe i think so ya??? we get

haha onion1
as in
i'm s anow robot living in the gutter and i see hte poeple walking buy every day i dontkno where tehy are going
but i see they are going a bout so i decide I WILL GO ABOUTE AS WELL I Need a human body to walk in
(ai take over scenario)
lets roll;
¨du är inne blomma nu; i en bolma; i en bliomma nu; i mitten; i saturnurs ringar... hi vhar alla hört hur det ska bli (inga ringar (i 20'000 år)) jaja fifam
i get younger i stay older
i think about a
r o o o o e d e e e e a r
want to concede
c o c k o o n
find no reason to disgust them
been a berrie seen a cherrie
mr ohlson denna
dagen denn eh dagen då
i've kind of beein in the woods a lot and checking out what kind of trees -- if it is not written´, it will not be remebered? saomething akin to this
it's a s0ng

there's a weird machine around my head, it's spanning me two whelves, to laps around the skull, and it's being very distracting... it is doing many disctinct things but it is also letting something else slip through, something more directing and phasing... full wave rectifying... delaying... time stretching...
and it might be brutal at first in the sheer amount of bumps on the worm
but after a while you get used to swallowing the worm and the area between your skins you feel the vibrations, and they make up a whole other world, a world where you don't eat a worm, among others
i have worked in the night. i have schemed,
iv'e ran through the woods with my horses to catch up with the river of all life, to be doo dee part of the stream downward
anyhow i've missed the flute of the mad man
maybe the y give me not soo muuuch ... all contaminated things? (conme on???) shut upp olde fool... nirvana is true pace... mayube old man but whjat about the FIRE within?? what about the POWER of all things alive???
present youreself defeated... every where they make, such a statement, such a, puncture, such a differential, such a waste of land such a stretch of stone of dust such a.... delirement of neon lights... i was never meant to follow you...
*spiritual leader making like a pyramid* äääöäöäöäööööäöööääääääeeeäääöäöööööoooooaaaaaaaaaäääää ä ä ääeeeeeeeääääääääääööööaaaaaaaaapppppp rparpapr
waayo SHPON GLeooo... washouONNGlkeeooo,,, brrr berreabrrrr brrb berra beraabreeeew berra brrrrr brew breaw breewaaaw

just now i was embedded in a thich gooey woo,,, i was inside a sac
whehehh.. . and nothing was happeing... no sinus waves were headr.


i am another person now... the light has faded off me. i'm ind the dusk and ind the dirst. i live off the side of the nuclear tower...


what the heck is going on. where are you guyes

im here"!!! i'm here! why cant you hear me???

..hello?.. . . ...hello? ..

i'm here! my boat is slowly slinking yes? and it's not really great i can't say i love it

wow and what the fuck is that where's the wheat whuff is a wheff when th WHARF is herei love to understand what's a going on, can yo u give mee juste a pizza, maybe send after a PEPPERONI maybe dieal in a couple of KABANOSSI WURST

it is very weird to be here... last time i were anywhere it was like... not like thiss.... not this bad maybe, and i feel like, this is happening on my turf, i should drink this or smoke that, but right, alll i can do is calm myself down, and that is taken care of in a notjer way... by opening all windows and dores and closing all lights and makeing it as dark as possible so i lye on the ground and i say "way hay"

right like that

my weird future-scooter came gliding up available for me to scoot on "tae de la dee hoo" i say and i step on the stepper and i'm whiffed whaffed i,m zoinked i.m fuckeng b lassted out from the zone right through the trombone ass of the galaxy and there it fucking is there,s the galaxy where i live theres my sund and my fuckign neigh bour fuckity bye hole in the ground idiot ass town

and that's kinda where i still live

and i come up aroun d the "galaxy cenreter" the 'station around the situation' around the (and i hate to say it) planet and they somehow own the weather down there.---

	"hay", i say, "we're here because of the weed we can do something about the weed"
	"how many are you", they ask... "how many species?"
	"how many indievidual species?"
	and you have to answer... "7300 species on board, captain"
and the captain cant do e something about it! for the reason or the other reason... she has to press the buttoan and suddenly we are INSODE
and we are TRAMD SPORTED along the galaxy lines to this "other sode" 'other side' and
they know image haaa gh

i'm breaking 04:00 how can i knw release...
i'm breaking 05:15 a moring warrior among fake friends...
they join and rejoin again ... you are and are not a kid amonsgt viper freinds

you are a viper... yet the earth is slow... maybe we are late? maybe this is the end of your kind? if so, what of it. what is your plan?

i'm in here and i'm laying an egg
i hope it's a nice egg but anyway i was saying the winter was closing around me and i was pretty certain it was the darkest point but it was a few days away still,
and i at my own dark point i'm like 'why not, why not here and now' but something disturbs me
adidas john wick.... j'vla fuck ,.... furck frick... fur fuck,.... , :D)()